"The analysis of motor vehicle crashes and health & safety accidents requires specialised knowledge and experience, and that is what I provide for my clients" 
– Hamish Piercy, Director

     Hamish uses the latest ARAS360 crash analysis software

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Longford Consulting Ltd – independent crash investigation.

Longford Consulting Ltd offers a specialised and professional service to companies, lawyers and individuals needing an independent motor vehicle crash or health and safety investigation, crash analysis, reporting or expert testimony here in New Zealand also in Australia.

The director of Longford Consulting, Hamish Piercy, has extensive experience working in the New Zealand Police Service and the Department of Labour with experience in a wide range of investigative processes, and specialised training in forensic mapping, health & safety and crash investigation, crash analysis and road safety.

He has over 20 years experience in attending and investigating serious injury and fatal motor vehicle crashes, and therefore appreciates the many complex factors involved in crashes.

In addition, Hamish has over 5 years experience in Health & Safety Investigations as an Inspector with the Department of Labour.

You will benefit from his:

  • extensive training
  • specialist knowledge
  • years of experience

in the field of motor vehicle crash investigation, crash analysis and road safety.

The issue of workplace accidents, or crashes involving heavy or light motor vehicles, is something many companies dread dealing with. Longford Consulting provides a number of services around motor vehicle crashes and workplace accidents. This includes carrying out internal workplace investigations and reviewing company systems and practices for accidents and near-miss incidents, particularly those involving motor vehicles.

Hamish works with supervisory staff tasked with the initial attendance at incidents/accidents, to guide them and ensure that vital information can be gathered at the time. In addition, Longford Consulting links in with a number of other businesses to provide additional specialist services/products, such as industry training, industry associations and GPS solutions.

Longford Consulting will work with your legal team if charges have been laid by either the Police or Department of Labour following their investigations. Our services are also used by individuals who may themselves be in this situation.

You will also benefit from Hamish's considerable courtroom experience in providing expert testimony at the Coronors, District and High Courts, where he has provided testimony in the field of health and safety and motor vehicle crash investigation, crash analysis and road safety.